Garden Gazebos

For any well-utilised garden where space to entertain is a top priority, gazebos are a great way to get the most out of your outdoor space, come rain or shine. With products from leading brands like Rowlinson and Forest Garden, you’ll find a superb variety of styles and designs here at Toolstation. Metal gazebos Making use of powder coated steel, metal gazebos are hard-wearing and minimal in their design. Combining simple frames with fabric canopies that are built to withstand the elements, they provide plenty of shelter from the sun and rain. Wooden garden gazebos Wooden gazebos offer a more natural look, with each and every product making use of high quality, pressure treated timber that’s well protected from rot and comes with a wonderful, smooth finish. Design options range from crisp and minimal pergola styles right through to vast wooden gazebos with slatted roofs, six-sides and even pagoda effect detailing. Meanwhile, each can be stained or painted to suit the overall look of your garden. Waterproof gazebos By having sheltered space in your garden, you can avoid the British climate derailing any of your outdoor get-togethers. Many of our garden gazebos come with wooden or fabric covers that offer plenty of protection from the elements.
                              Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Gainsborough Gazebo 270cm (h) x 300cm (w) x 260cm (d) - 41559 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                              Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Oriental Pagoda Gazebo 332cm (h) x 402.5cm (w) x 329cm (d) - 65039 - from Toolstation
                              Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Florence Canopy 220cm (h) x 404cm (w) x 304cm (d) - 56978 - from Toolstation
                              Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Florence Canopy 220cm (h) x 304cm (w) x 304cm (d) - 32011 - from Toolstation
                              Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Sandringham Gazebo 270cm (h) x 394cm (w) x 300cm (d) - 27540 - from Toolstation
                              Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Pergola 276cm (h) x 240cm (w) x 240cm (d) - 25562 - from Toolstation
                              Forest Forest Forest Garden Ultima Pergola 280cm (h) x 240cm (w) x 240cm (d) - 25486 - from Toolstation
                              Rowlinson Rowlinson Rowlinson Roma BBQ Gazebo 250cm (h) x 250cm (w) x 152cm (d) - 12375 - from Toolstation

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