Flexi Tubs

Flexi buckets are reliable and multi-purpose, with a range of applications. These soft-sided tubs come with reinforced handles and large capacities, ideal for building sites, property renovations and DIY tasks in the home and garden.

What Are Flexi Tubs Used For?

Flexi buckets can be used as mixing bowls, tool bags, water tubs, rubble removers, scaffold knuckles, or to collect and carry objects. The flexibility of these large tubs means they can be carried in one hand, shaped for pouring or pressed flat to the floor for scooping. They can also be pushed flat against a wall for removing wallpaper or catching leaks. At Toolstation, you’ll find a selection of high-quality flexi buckets and tubs from leading brands. Our range includes flexible, frost-proof, UV-proof flexi buckets and models with reinforced handles or a maximum working weight of up to 100kg.
                            Flexi Tub 40L Black - 46337 - from Toolstation ( 147 )
                            Flexi Tub 40L Yellow - 79794 - from Toolstation ( 184 )
                            Flexible Mixing Bowl 0.5L - 47290 - from Toolstation ( 58 )

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