First Fix Nail Guns

These nail guns are used during the initial rough nailing work during construction to create strong and accurate bindings. First fix nail guns use large nails, which are often visible in the wood when assembling flooring, roofing and wood frames. However, they are almost always covered over by the finishing woodwork.

What Are Framing Nailers Used For?

Framing nailers fire large, strong nails into woodwork during the initial stages of the construction process. Toolstation stocks high-quality framing nailers suitable for many first fix applications such as stud walls, joists and roofing.

What is the Difference Between First and Second Fix Nail Guns?

First fix nail guns are for the initial assembly work, whilst second fix nail guns are for the finishing work. Some finishing nailers are known as brad nailers, which fire smaller 18-gauge nails. Second fix nail guns leave minimal marks behind as they fire slimmer nails and create smaller holes. At Toolstation, you’ll find high-quality nail guns from brands such as Paslode, DeWalt and Makita.
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