Timer Switches

Save money, time, and energy by controlling when the power is switched on. At Toolstation, we have a broad selection of both electric timer switches and plug-in timers, to manage the lighting and security in either residential or commercial properties. Choose from 24-hour mechanical timers, 7-day electronic timers or digital timer switches. Automatically regulate daily electricity settings with 24-hour mechanical timers, such as the 24-hour compact mechanical timer. This discreet and reliable plug in timer has 48 on/off settings, with a minimal switching cycle of just 15 minutes. This is a great option for turning on lighting or security systems when needed. For longer-term programmes, the 7-day electronic wall switch timer allows up to a week of pre-schedules power settings. This is an ideal option for longer absences or holidays. The 7-day electronic wall switch timer is suitable to replace a pre-existing 1 or 2-way light switch. It’s easy to use on-touch system can operate either ceiling or wall lights on up to 6 on/off programmes. Set more complex power programmes with a plug-in digital timer, such as the 7-day Easy set electronic timer. This simple digital timer switch plugs straight into a socket. It’s clear programme system allows up to an ample 98 programmes per week, including Summer and Winter settings. For improved security, a random on/off feature helps to deter burglars or break-ins. Click and collect items from your nearest branch or spend over £25 for free delivery.
                          Axiom Axiom Axiom Plug-in Timer Mechanical 24 Hour - 22617 - from Toolstation ( 52 )
                          ex. VAT £4.07

                          BS3456 segment.

                          Axiom Axiom Axiom 24 Hour Mechanical Timer 16A  - 99432 - from Toolstation ( 10 )
                          Axiom Axiom Axiom Plug-in Timer Mechanical 7 Day - 33837 - from Toolstation ( 14 )
                          ex. VAT £6.41

                          BS3456 segment.

                          Eterna Eterna Electronic Time Delay Switch IP20  - 17352 - from Toolstation
                          ( 29 )

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