Hose Pipe Tap Connectors

Ensure your garden's watering system is ready to go with our range of hose fittings at Toolstation. We stock hose pipe and tap connectors, outside tap covers and much more from brands you trust, such as Hozelock. Browse a selection of hose pipe connector to adjust water flow for different purposes, such as the standard set of hose pipe connectors with 4 connections, or hose connectors such as the plastic hose connector set with 5 pieces of water flow nozzles. Hozelock tap connectors are renowned for their easy to fit, effective hose pipe tap connectors, including the Hozelock mixer tap connector for square, round and mixer taps, or the Hozelock round mixer tap connector for round and oval connectors. For more durable, long lasting hose pipe fittings, invest in brass hose fittings such as the brass internal adaptor or brass hose pipe tap connector. For watering plants or accessing hard to reach places, purchase a hose spray gun or hose sprayer, such as the Hozelock jet spray gun with 3 spray patterns. Spend over £25 online for free delivery or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                              Hozelock Hozelock Hozelock Hose Fitting Starter Set  - 90177 - from Toolstation
                              ( 21 )
                              Unbranded Unbranded Brass Internal Adaptor  - 39197 - from Toolstation ( 60 )
                              Hozelock Hozelock Hozelock Threaded Tap Connector  - 30324 - from Toolstation ( 24 )
                              Hozelock Hozelock Hozelock Round Mixer Tap Connector 24mm Max. - 14205 - from Toolstation ( 78 )
                              Unbranded Unbranded Brass Hose Joiner 1/2" - 85157 - from Toolstation ( 36 )
                              Unbranded Unbranded Brass Fittings Set  - 30897 - from Toolstation ( 104 )
                              Unbranded Unbranded Spray Gun  - 90161 - from Toolstation ( 45 )
                              Hozelock Hozelock Hozelock Round Mixer Tap Connector 14-18mm - 81360 - from Toolstation

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