Fire Sealants

At Toolstation, we stock a range of affordable, reliable fire sealants from trusted brands, including heat-resistant glue and high-temperature silicone sealant. You’re bound to find the right products for your construction project when you browse our selection of fire mastic and sealant. Heat resistant Choose a heat resistant glue or heat resistant sealant for your next construction project and protect your home from fire, smoke, and toxic gases. Heat resistant sealant products are just as durable and flexible as any other sealants. Still, they offer added protection for your home thanks to their ability to withstand high temperatures. Silicone sealants Heat resistant silicone sealant is the ideal adhesive choice for sealing any joints in your home between walls, ceilings, and floors. Not only is a silicone sealant highly effective as an adhesive, but it can help protect your home from damage in the event of a fire or gas leak.
                                Everbuild Everbuild Fire Mate Intumescent Acrylic Sealant 295ml White - 58145 - from Toolstation ( 39 )
                                Everbuild Everbuild AC50 Trade Acoustic Sealant & Adhesive 900ml - 29734 - from Toolstation ( 42 )

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