A bandsaw is a powered saw driven by a motor. Named after the single band of serrated metal which forms the cutting blade, these saws are known for their control and accuracy. While traditionally used in woodworking, a bandsaw can also be used for lumbering and metalworking to perform straight, freehand and mitre cuts. Bandsaws can be relatively large tools and often come with a worktable, cabinet stand and built-in safety features such as a rip fence or blade guard.

What Are the Different Types of Bandsaws?

Bandsaws are known for their versatility, thanks to the variety of blades and cutting speeds they offer. You’ll find the full range of band saws available at Toolstation.

Wood Bandsaw

A firm favourite of carpenters, wood bandsaws are designed for accurate and precise cutting of wood and timber.

Metal Bandsaw

A metal cutting band saw has a blade with additional teeth for enhanced cutting through metal. They usually operate at a slower speed than other bandsaws, which is necessary for metalworking. Metal bandsaws are available in vertical or horizontal models.

Portable Bandsaw

A hand-held bandsaw is ideal if you work outside or on the move, thanks to its portability. Unlike traditional bandsaws, they can be used to achieve curved cuts.

Horizontal Bandsaw

This bandsaw is designed with a blade running horizontally. The operator moves the blade down onto the wood or metal, which remains stationary. This type of bandsaw is commonly used for cutting objects down to size.

Vertical Bandsaw

The blade remains in a fixed upright position with a vertical bandsaw, so the operator feeds the wood or metal into the blade. This vertical set-up allows for complex and curved shapes to be cut. Whether you’re a tradesman or a DIY enthusiast looking to improve your woodworking or metalworking cuts, Toolstation stocks high-quality bandsaws from leading brands like Scheppach, Draper and Milwaukee.
                  Motor Type
                      Batteries Included
                      Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach BASA1 300W 200mm Bandsaw 240V - 64155 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                      Draper Draper Draper 250W Bandsaw 240V - 71281 - from Toolstation ( 45 )
                      Draper Draper Draper 305mm 750W Bandsaw 230V - 74711 - from Toolstation
                      ex. VAT £395.82

                      Designed for workshop use, this 305mm model from Draper ...Read more

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                      Draper Draper Draper 350mm 1100W Bandsaw 230V - 88455 - from Toolstation
                      ex. VAT £529.15

                      Designed for workshop use, this 350mm model from Draper ...Read more

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                      Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach BASA5 - PRO 2800W 500mm Bandsaw 240V - 89714 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
                      SIP SIP SIP Professional 16" 2200W Bandsaw 3hp with Cabinet Stand 230V - 87777 - from Toolstation
                      Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach BASA3V 800W 315mm Vario Bandsaw & Stand 240V - 76695 - from Toolstation
                      SIP SIP SIP 370W 10" Bandsaw 230V - 70435 - from Toolstation
                      SIP SIP SIP 750W 12" Bandsaw 230V - 55406 - from Toolstation
                      Scheppach Scheppach Scheppach HBS250 420W 250mm Bandsaw & Stand 240V - 48928 - from Toolstation
                      SIP SIP SIP Professional 14" 1500W Bandsaw 2hp with Cabinet Stand 230V - 36963 - from Toolstation

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