Electrical Test Equipment

Shop a range of essential electric test equipment including digital multimeters, voltage testers, continuity testers and more from brands such as Kewtech, TIS and Fluke. At Toolstation we stock a vast range of electrical test equipment to suit every electrical safety requirement. For testing voltage connections in lights, lamps and mains, browse our voltage testers and probes. We have a wide range of non-contact voltage detectors from Kewtech, Fluke, Draper and TIS, with voltage detection ranges of 50-100 or 200-600V. Our socket breakout box is another essential for any electrician testing r2, r1 + r2. We also stock safe and reliable socket testers that indicate wiring faults through lights and buzzers, such as the TIS 1000 socket tester with loop & RCD check which is ideal for professional use. As well as electrical test equipment, you can also find test certificate books from completion reporting during domestic electrical installation and minor works. Spend over £25 online and receive free delivery with your order or click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch.
                                CED CED Socket Tester 13A - 82826 - from Toolstation ( 72 )
                                TIS TIS TIS Voltage Detector  - 97153 - from Toolstation ( 41 )
                                TIS TIS TIS Voltage Tester  - 11032 - from Toolstation ( 15 )
                                Unbranded Unbranded PAT Testing Labels 500 X Passed - 42291 - from Toolstation ( 8 )
                                ex. VAT £11.10

                                TIS TIS TIS Test Certificate Book Domestic Installation Condition - 29273 - from Toolstation ( 11 )
                                TIS TIS TIS100 Socket Tester  - 45426 - from Toolstation
                                TIS TIS TIS Test Certificate Book Domestic Electrical Installation - 67240 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                                TIS TIS TIS Test Certificate Book Minor Works - 74251 - from Toolstation ( 11 )
                                ex. VAT £12.48

                                18th Edition ready. Test certificate pad.

                                TIS TIS TIS Test Certificate Book Portable Appliance Test - 94281 - from Toolstation ( 11 )
                                Unbranded Unbranded PAT Testing Labels 200 X Failed - 89046 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                                ex. VAT £8.02

                                Unbranded Unbranded Earth Leakage Clampmeter  - 41463 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
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