Random Orbital Sanders

Random orbital sanders are a favourite among woodworkers for achieving an ultra-smooth finish on any project.

What Are Random Orbital Sanders Used For?

Random orbital sanders can be used for smoothing and sanding large surfaces and more precise, intricate sanding jobs. While their circular sanding disc makes them unsuitable for corner work, they can be used to remove paint, varnish and uneven plaster or smooth over tables, doors, and chairs.

How Are They Different from Orbital Sanders?

The main difference between the two is that random orbital sanders move in an irregular elliptical pattern. This movement produces a different finish to the oscillating motion of a standard orbital sander, resulting in a finer finish with less cross-grain scratching. Toolstation has a wide range of random orbital sanders available at affordable prices from DeWalt, Einhell, Metabo, Bauker and Draper.
                Motor Type
                    Batteries Included
                      DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt DWE6423-GB 280W 125mm Random Orbital Sander 240V - 90645 - from Toolstation ( 206 )
                      DeWalt DeWalt DeWalt DWE6423-GB 280W 125mm Random Orbital Sander 110V - 62478 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                      Draper Draper Draper Storm Force 20V Random Orbit Sander Body Only - 84442 - from Toolstation
                      Draper Draper Draper Random Orbit Sander, 125mm, 430W 230V - 48034 - from Toolstation
                      Milwaukee Milwaukee Milwaukee M18BOS125 125mm Random Orbital Sander Body Only - 39958 - from Toolstation ( 15 )

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