Wallpapering Tools

For professional wallpapering results, you need the right tools for the job. At Toolstation, you’ll find everything you need at everyday low prices. Wallpaper is a great choice for adding extra character and personality to a room, but there are certain wallpapering tools you need if you want to achieve it.

Wallpaper Trimmers

While wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes, when you need to make a bespoke cut only a wallpaper trimmer will do. Our products include all purposes trimming edge, knives, scissors, and ultra-sharp Japanese steel excel black blades.

Seam Rollers

Used to smooth and flatten the edges where pieces of wallpaper meet, a seam roller is an essential accessory for the serious decorator.

Wallpaper Rollers

When it comes to quickly, efficiently, and smoothly hanging wallpaper, a roller is hard to beat. An alternative to traditional wallpaper brushes, a roller can be kinder to more fragile, easily damaged surfaces. You can also get rigid and flexible plastic smoothers for removing bubbles and creases and specifically for using with vinyl wallpaper. There are some wallpapering tools that no respectable painter or decorator can do without. From trimmers to rollers, cutting knives and wallpaper strippers, to scorers, pasting brushes, and more, you’ll find them all at Toolstation.
                                ProDec ProDec Prodec Professional Seam Roller  - 48070 - from Toolstation ( 66 )
                                Prep Prep Prep Wallpaper Perforator  - 63466 - from Toolstation ( 53 )
                                ProDec ProDec Prodec Taping Knife 8" - 97380 - from Toolstation ( 21 )
                                ProDec ProDec Prodec Vinyl Smoother 12" - 87311 - from Toolstation ( 23 )
                                Axus Decor Axus Decor Axus Professional Stainless Steel Wallpaper Scissors 300mm - 65697 - from Toolstation ( 18 )
                                Olfa Snap Off Wallpaper Cutting Knife 12.5mm - 48883 - from Toolstation ( 27 )
                                Axus Decor Axus Decor Axus Professional Stainless Steel Wallpaper Scissors 200mm - 39748 - from Toolstation
                                ( 24 )
                                Trimming Edge 24" - 35714 - from Toolstation ( 65 )
                                Olfa Snap Off Wallpaper Cutting Knife Spare Blades 12.5mm - 26070 - from Toolstation
                                ( 20 )
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