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Keep surfaces sparkling with cleaning tools for home and commercial use. Find everyday cleaning equipment such as cloths, sponges, buckets, mops, brooms and vacuum cleaners at Toolstation. We also stock specialist products like window cleaning tools, waste disposal units and pest control solutions. Shop leading brands including Everbuild, Draper, Karcher and Zep.

Indoor & Outdoor Cleaning Products

Keep indoor and outdoor surfaces clean with hard-wearing brushes and brooms from our range. Remove grease from worktops, hobs and splashbacks or wash dishes with our range of cleaning detergents.

Make your patio, driveway or decking look as good as new with exterior surface cleaners. We also stock a variety of window cleaning equipment, from T-bar applicators to section poles, window cleaning holsters and sleeves.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are essential for cleaning homes, businesses and commercial settings. Our range includes vacuums for versatile and powerful cleaning and easy manoeuvrability. Find the vacuum cleaners and vacuum accessories you need at Toolstation.

Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are powerful cleaning tools that use high-pressure water jets to blast dirt and grime from surfaces. Our range includes pressure washers in electric and gas-powered models for cleaning driveways and washing vehicles. Their adjustable nozzles let you control pressure levels for versatile and efficient outdoor cleaning. We stock pressure washers from leading brands including Karcher and Draper.

Pest Control

Keep your property pest-free, handling mice, flies and birds with our pest control products, including humane rat traps, poisons and pellets for rodent control, bird spikes and fly killer sprays.