Scroll Saws

This electric saw has a narrow blade that can create complex patterns in wood, metal, plastic, plexiglass or plaster. These can be used in cabinetry, ornate interior furnishings, children’s toys and musical instruments.

What is a Scroll Saw Used For?

The main purpose of a scroll saw is cutting intricate shapes, curves, and patterns from different materials. This saw is a favourite among professional woodworkers, carpenters, joiners, crafters and model makers. Also known as electric fret saws, some scroll saws are also capable of mitre cuts. Toolstation stocks a wide range of quality scroll saws from trusted brands such as Scheppach, Einhell Classic and Draper. These include models with built-in dust extraction units, overhead work lights for extra illumination while cutting, and a flexible shaft for multi-tool accessories.
                  Motor Type
                            Einhell Einhell Einhell 120W Scroll Saw 240V - 26201 - from Toolstation ( 20 )
                            Draper Draper Draper 405mm 90W Variable Speed Scroll Saw 230V - 20895 - from Toolstation

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