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Thursday 28th September 2017

Fire Door Safety Week

It’s Fire Door Safety Week, the perfect time to stop and think about fire safety.

Fire Door Safety Week have conducted their own research which showed there were 614 dwelling fires per million people in the UK in 2015/16, that works out on average 100 a day!

It’s essential to take measures to reduce the risks if a fire was to break out but it’s not until you hear of instances that the importance of these measures really sink in.

Having a fire rated fire door is only effective if installed correctly and the following four points are key to getting this right.

1. Fire door hinges are fundamental, for a standard height fire door, a minimum of three hinges should be installed to prevent the door from warping in a fire

2. The gaps around the door should be less than 4mm once the door is shut

3. Intumescent and smoke seals are vital to the fire door’s performance as they fill the gap between the door and frame when the door is closed

4. If a letter plate is installed it should be fire rated and suitable for use on the specific fire door installed

The Agrippa fire door holder installed in, for example flats, commercial buildings, schools, care homes and hospitals, is a great addition to a fire door install. It automatically releases the fire door in the event of a fire alarm sounding. It’s a wire-free battery powered solution that stores the sound of the fire alarm and activates when it hears this. The fire door holder is easy to install too and can be done in 10 minutes.

Agrippa Install

Apart from fire doors, other fire measures include fitting heat and smoke detectors, extinguishers and blankets. View Toolstation’s full range of fire safety products here.

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