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Thursday 7th September 2017

The Big Switch On

The outside temperature is beginning to drop and the nights are drawing in. It’s that time of year we find ourselves drawing the curtains, switching on the lights earlier and thinking about turning the heating on.

Most households now have thermostats and digital heating controls, smart or not. It’s not all about flicking the boiler switch and praying it’ll work. Now all you need to do is crank up the thermostat to kick start the heating system.

There are a few things to think about before the boiler is in full flow and the winter sets in.

1. Ensure boilers are serviced by a qualified heating engineer

Servicing a boiler makes sure it’s running efficiently and highlights any faults before it stops working

2. Block draughts

Use window and door seals and block chimneys. A draught free home is more comfortable at lower temperatures enabling you to turn down the thermostat

3. Insulate the home

Lofts, floors, walls and ceilings. Some are easier and cheaper to insulate than others. Insulating your loft can make a big difference in energy saving and with these loft legs it can still be a useful storage area

4. Set digital heating controls

Set the hot water and heating to heat up before getting up and in the evening while at home. Keep it off when no-one’s in the house to save energy, this is essentially what the Nest smart controls do, learning from your behaviour

5. Thermostats

Setting thermostats to a slightly lower temperature can help save energy whilst still heating the home

6. Lighting

Switching to LEDs saves energy and money in the long run

There are also some benefits to switching the heating on before your house turns to an ice cube. For example, it help towards preventing rooms from getting damp and growing mould.

You may rather wait until you’re still cold in 4 jumpers and a woolly hat but there will come a time when you can’t put ‘the big switch on’ off any longer so be prepared.

Stay smart and snug this winter – check our range of products that can help.