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Thursday 24th August 2017

Five Home Energy Saving Tips

Energy increases have been announced so where do we go from here. In the coming months consumers are likely to be looking in to ways of keeping their energy bills down.

Toolstation have compiled five energy saving tips which include quick fixes and ones with minimum outlay for maximum benefits.

1. LED lighting

Swap your bulbs around the home for LED alternatives, whether they’re GU10, BC or ES. These 5W LEDs are the equivalent to 55W halogens so the savings will really add up. Don’t forget lamps and outside lighting too.


2. Standby and Electrical Items

Switching off electrical items which are on standby may seem like an unnecessary and tedious task but why waste energy powering an item that you’re not using. Having every electrical item on standby in your home adds up and by switching them off is a way of reducing your energy without any outlay or changing your lifestyle.

Appliances all come with energy ratings A – G, A being the most efficient. Keep this in mind when buying any new appliances and you may be able to find your current appliance ratings online if not known.

3. Smart energy controls

Get savvy with smart energy controls. They’re becoming increasingly popular, offering customers convenience and cost cutting to their bills. Nest Learning Thermostat and Hot Water is controlled by your smart phone, learns from your behaviour and programmes accordingly.

If you already have digital heating and water controls, remember to programme it correctly as this could equally save energy.


4. Block draughts and insulate

Blocking off chimneys which aren’t in use, adding draught seals to windows and doors will improve heat retainment and reduce the amount of energy to heat the home. Insulating pipes, loft spaces, walls and floors all help improve home efficiency, which in turn uses less energy and makes for more comfortable living.

5. Install a smart meter

Ask your energy supplier for a smart meter, all the big six electrical suppliers offer to fit smart meters free of charge. These show you what energy you’re using and how much it’s costing you in real time. This enables consumers to identify electrical items that are using the most energy. In turn it can help change a consumers lifestyle to reduce their energy bills.