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Friday 14th July 2017

Choosing the right fire alarm

Fire alarms are not something anyone wants to scrimp on but knowing the ins and outs can help you make informed decisions and purchases.

There are 4 different types of alarms Ionisation, CO, Optical and Heat alarms. To help you decide what suits your needs best we've provided the fire alarm guide below.

Fire Alarm Guide

1. Ionisation alarms

These are sensitive alarms designed to pick up flaming fires and can detect smoke particals which are invisible to the human eye. For this reason, they are recommended for bedrooms.

Opt for the AICO easi-fit ionisation alarm for a wireless alarm or the BRK mains ionisation smoke alarm for a wired version.


2. CO alarms

Fitted anywhere where there’s a CO source; which include boilers, gas or coal fires, wood burners, gas cookers and portable heaters. Carbon Monoxide gas is fatal and unlike smoke not easily detected. It’s important not to forget about them.

With the rising trend to fit wood burners in the home it’s regulation to have a CO alarm directly above the stove, the FireAngel CO alarm is battery powered making for easy installation.


3. Heat alarms

For new build properties, the regulations require a heat detector in the kitchen, but they recommended for every kitchen to have one. Heat alarms are designed specifically to respond to heat build-up from flaming fires, one advantage is that it avoids the false alarms and towel waving associated with burning your toast!

We recommend the AICO easi-fit heat alarm if you’re looking for a wireless system or the 49808 34615

BRK mains heat alarm for a wired alternative which is a great price currently at only £26.20.

These are usually linked with Optical alarms fitted in hallways and landings.

4. Optical Alarms

Specifically designed to detect smouldering fires i.e. TV’s and sofas, these alarms are typically used in hallways, landings, dining rooms and lounges.

The AICO easi-fit opitical smoke alarm fits the bill if you’re looking for a wireless model. Many of our customers rate it highly with Grizzled stating: “It’s designed with the installer in mind. So quick and easy to fit. I've given the unit 5 stars for all categories on the strength of the aspects I can rate, but I sleep confidently with this on duty”.


For a wired alternative, we opt for the BRK optical mains smoke alarm.


For a comprehensive fire alarm system choose either the wired or wireless interlinking products. This way when one of the alarms is triggered, all alarms in the system sound.

The AICO products require the radiolink base to provide the wireless interconnection.