Feb 20, 2020

A good time to go green – environmentally friendly products to help you get the job done

A few years ago, the environmental impact of the materials used in our homes and at work may not have been an important issue to consider. But now, with increased conversation surrounding climate change and how individuals can do their bit to decrease their environmental impact in their home and workplace, there’s never been a better time to think about how small changes can make a big difference to the earth.

When it comes to changes within a home, these can be as simple as installing a shower pump to improve water pressure in a way that doesn’t waste water, installing efficient LED lighting throughout your building, even fitting smart devices to monitor and control how much energy is being used. Not only are these solutions simple and good for the environment, they’re great cost saving measures too!

smart light

It’s not just utility waste that can be resolved with a change in equipment. With the introduction of Insinkerator to our range of brands, we now stock products that can help dispose of food waste without an unhygienic compost bin sitting on a worktop and they even avoid diverting the waste to landfill. The device has no blades and uses lugs deep in the sink fitting to grind food waste including bones, fruit and other food waste before flushing it through the plumbing system to a waste water treatment plant where the resulting product is filtered and converted to fertiliser and biogas.


Changes don’t have to happen in the home alone though, there are a variety of ways to reduce environmental impact on a job site too.

For example, instead of using plastic dust sheets for surfaces there are now alternatives such as Antinox protective sheets . Unlike our previous floor protectors which are either fabric or plastic sheeting, Antinox has provided an innovative solution to fill a need for all types of tradespeople. Their fabric surface protector has a plastic base layer to avoid slippage and leak-through but is made of and filled with recycled clothing material. Their Handy Sheets can be cut, creased, and folded to protect a variety of surfaces including worktops, units, doors and floors. They’re also made of at least 50% recycled industrial waste!

Handy Sheets

Additionally, there’s an option to replace an everyday essential with a product which has low carbon emissions. EB25 , a sealant and adhesive designed and manufactured to perform in a variety of conditions, has been given an EC1 Plus rating which represents the premium category for low emissions. This way, you can lower your carbon footprint without compromising on the performance of your equipment.

We’ll be introducing even more environmentally conscious products in our future catalogue, so make sure to look out for updates and news on these products.

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