The front door and window frames of a home set the tone for the rest of the property. If you have a UPVC front door or windows, long gone are the days you had to stick to simple colours or replace them once they needed a refresh. Painting UPVC windows and doors will need thorough preparation but, with our step-by-step guide, you’ll ensure a professional result every time. 

Essential Tools & Equipment

You will also need a bowl of warm soapy water to help clean the UPVC doors and windows.

Step 1: Cleaning the Door

  • Start by removing all the door hardware such as the handles and surface locks.

  • Use a cloth and hot soapy water to clean the door and remove any dirt or debris.

  • This ensures the paint adheres properly and provides a smooth finish. 

Step 2: Sanding the Surface

  • After cleaning, lightly sand the door using a fine or medium grit sandpaper

  • This roughens up the surface, allowing the primer and paint to stick better.

Step 3: Applying the Primer

  • UPVC doors have a smooth, non-porous surface, so they need a primer for the paint to adhere to. 

  • Apply a coat of a primer that is suitable for UPVC to ensure the paint adheres well. 

  • Allow the primer to dry for 1-2 hours or as long as the manufacturer recommends on the back of the tin.

Step 4: Painting the First Coat

  • Once the primer is dry, apply the first coat of an exterior paint suitable for UPVC, such as a multi surface paint. 
  • Use a brush for the edges and a mini roller for a smooth finish on the flat surface. 
  • Let it dry for a few hours or as long as the manufacturer recommends.

Step 5: Applying the Second Coat

  • After the first coat has dried, apply the second coat for a uniform finish. 

  • This ensures maximum durability and a long-lasting look.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

  • Once the second coat is dry, remove any painter's tape and reattach the door furniture. 

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