Rubble Sacks

Rubble can tear through ordinary bags, so use heavy-duty rubble sacks to avoid mess and potential injury when transporting building debris or garden waste.

What Are Rubble Sacks Used For?

Strong reusable sacks are essential on-site or at home. As well as transporting rubble, they can be used to dispose of bulky waste, materials like cement and plaster, wood or sharp objects such as nails and glass. They are available in different sizes and colours.

Heavy-Duty Sacks

Choose reusable woven PVC rubble sacks with a 77 litre capacity for heavy-duty jobs or our 1 tonne woven poly bags with lift loops at each corner. Shop our selection of durable, high-quality rubble sacks and say goodbye to stretched, split or torn plastic waste bags.
                                Heavy Duty Rubble Sack 508 x 762mm - 94915 - from Toolstation ( 322 )
                                Heavy Duty Rubble Sack 535mm x 820mm Roll - 84054 - from Toolstation ( 341 )
                                Woven Polybag 1 Tonne 90x 90x80cm - 87127 - from Toolstation ( 118 )
                                Heavy Duty Rubble Sack 508 x 762mm - 23112 - from Toolstation ( 341 )

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