Plasterers' Buckets

For a plasterer, these specialist heavy-duty buckets are essential when mixing plaster. Buckets and tubs can also be used for many other jobs on-site, such as carrying liquid or transporting rubble and waste.

What Are Plaster Buckets Used For?

Plasterers’ buckets are primarily used for mixing plaster, so they must be tough and durable. They are often made from strong polyethylene or recycled polypropylene. Smaller buckets often have a pouring lip, whilst large 50L mixing tubs have strong moulded handles to hold full bags of plaster. For bigger jobs, look for heavy-duty 165L plasterers’ polyethylene mixing baths. You’ll find a range of plasterers’ buckets at Toolstation, including durable, professional-quality plasterers’ buckets, mixing baths and tubs from brands such as Heavy Duty and Red Gorilla.
                              Black Plastic Bucket 14.5L - 68562 - from Toolstation ( 317 )
                              Pour & Scoop Bucket 14.5L - 71397 - from Toolstation ( 42 )
                              Heavy Duty Plasterers Mixing Bucket 30L White - 48580 - from Toolstation ( 49 )

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