Builders Tools

Toolstation carries every essential hand tool for builders and those in the construction trade. Brick laying is made easy with our wide range of brick laying tools from well-known brands Marshalltown and Ragni. Choose from different types of brick laying and plastering trowels for all your building needs such as the soft grip trowel set, pointing trowel, gauging trowel or brick jointer to effectively clear excess and leave a clean finish.

Efficiently mix cement by selecting from our variety of mixing paddles for use in electric drills to mix cement and plaster, and pair it with a cement-mixing tray. Transport materials easily with a flexi tub, hardwearing 90-litre wheelbarrow or a selection of builders' buckets.

Achieve a straight line and neat finish by picking from builder's marker tools including line blocks, plumb line, chalk line, builders chalk and builders line.

Spend over £10 online and get free delivery, or click and collect to pick up from your nearest Toolstation branch.

Draper Draper Draper Metal Dust Pan  - 20665 - from Toolstation
Roughneck Roughneck Roughneck Ultimate Mortar Gun  - 85256 - from Toolstation
85256 Roughneck Ultimate Mortar Gun
£22.99 was £25.99
ex. VAT £19.16

Heavy duty ratchet mechanism with high thrust ratio, hi ...Read more

Black Plastic Bucket 14.5L - 68562 - from Toolstation
Flexi Tub 40L Yellow - 79794 - from Toolstation
Mixing Paddle Paint 100 x 600mm - 54911 - from Toolstation
Yellow Builders Bucket 13.5L - 61829 - from Toolstation
Tried and Tested Tried and Tested Extension Support Prop 115-290cm - 66745 - from Toolstation
Ox Ox OX Pro Tough Bucket 15L - 23407 - from Toolstation
Pour & Scoop Bucket 14.5L - 71397 - from Toolstation
Roughneck Roughneck Roughneck Mortar Gun  - 91246 - from Toolstation
Mixing Paddle Plaster 140 x 600mm - 74150 - from Toolstation
Cement Mixing Tray Octagonal - 43112 - from Toolstation
Tried and Tested Tried and Tested Builders Chalk 225g Blue - 72104 - from Toolstation
Tried and Tested Tried and Tested Floor Scraper 300mm - 61818 - from Toolstation
61818 Floor Scraper 300mm
ex. VAT £14.78

Durable steel pole with heavy duty 65Mn steel blade. Ma ...Read more

Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Walsall Wheelbarrow Company Easiload Galvanised Wheelbarrow 85L Pneumatic Wheel - 32288 - from Toolstation
Tried and Tested Tried and Tested Builders Chalk 225g Red - 75147 - from Toolstation
Powapost Powapost Drive-In Tool 60x60x200mm - 39219 - from Toolstation
39219 Drive-In Tool 60x60x200mm
£3.98 was £4.31
ex. VAT £3.32

Protects drive-in post anchors when hammering into the ...Read more

Footprint Footprint Footprint Line Pins  - 61804 - from Toolstation
Marshalltown Marshalltown Marshalltown Line Blocks  - 64629 - from Toolstation
Silverline Silverline Heavy Duty Floor Scraper  - 94458 - from Toolstation
Plumb Bob & Line  - 43086 - from Toolstation
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