When you’re regularly travelling around with lots of kit, a roof rack, bar or rail is crucial. They’re a convenient way to store equipment without taking up precious space inside your vehicle. 


At Toolstation, you’ll find roof bars sold as sets from two to five bars. These are an alternative to classic roof racks which can be limiting you when it comes to accessories and size.  Every roof bar is designed specifically for your vehicle's make and model, so all you need to decide is the accessories you want to add.


Remember, the more you’re carrying around, the less economical your vehicle will be – so you’ll want to balance a lightweight material for your roof bar with your budget as well as consider what you need to carry around day-to-day.

Types of Roof Bar Accessories

Roof bars consist of one to five separate parallel bars that are positioned across the width of the van or car. They are an alternative to traditional roof racks which are sold as a complete set. Each roof bar is designed for specific vehicles and their dimensions – simply find your model and choose how many bars you need. 


Because roof bars are sold as sets of different sizes, you can mix and match them to suit your needs – whether you need two roof bars or five. Roof bars are lightweight and an ideal solution for transporting equipment from job to job. They can be quickly and easily installed and combined with accessories which provide more features that make loading and unloading easier and allow you to store more on the roof.

Roof Bar Roller Kits

Roof Bar Roller Kits

Roof bar roller kits are suitable for a wide range of ladder sizes, shapes and styles. They’re also easy to fit and are widely available for a range of vehicle makes and models. Simply roll the ladder up and securely lay it on the roof bars, and gently roll it back down when you need it again. 


These kits make it easy to load and unload heavy, long items – notably ladders. Smooth, low-friction rollers ensure that sliding ladders on and off your roof rack is easy, reduces strain on your back, and minimises the risk of damaging your vehicle.

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Ladder Slides

Ladder Slides

Ladder slides are designed to hold your ladders securely in place during transit, preventing them from shifting or coming loose. They’re especially useful for longer ladders that might overhang your vehicle's sides. Simply roll the ladder up and it will slide right in and be held securely on the roof bar.


They offer peace of mind that your ladders will arrive at your destination safely, ready for your next job. They’re quick and easy to install and allow you to load your ladder up at the end of the day with ease.

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Pipe Carriers

Pipe Carriers

For plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople who work with pipes and conduits, a pipe carrier accessory is a game changer. 


These carriers are designed to store and transport pipes of varying lengths on your roof bars – no need to have loose pipes clattering around the back of your van. They often come with secure locking mechanisms to protect your valuable materials. 

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Key Roof Rack Considerations

Wind Deflector

Wind deflectors are designed to reduce wind resistance and noise while driving at higher speeds, ensuring a smoother and quieter journey. A wind deflector can make a significant difference in fuel efficiency and overall comfort during long trips, making it an essential consideration, especially for frequent travellers.


Typically, roof racks are made from one of two materials: lightweight and aerodynamic aluminium or affordable and robust steel. Your choice will depend on your budget and specific needs. Aluminium is a popular choice for reducing weight and improving aerodynamics, which can improve fuel efficiency. On the other hand, steel is a cost-effective option that offers durability and strength, making it suitable for heavy-duty tasks.


Ensure that the dimensions of your roof rack match your vehicle's make and model – at Toolstation, all of our roof bar sets are specially designed for the size of your van. Also, consider what you’ll need to carry – a large roof rack offers more space for equipment, but it could increase wind resistance and reduce fuel economy. Therefore, it's essential to balance size and functionality based on your storage needs.

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