Cement Mixing Trays

If you only need to mix a small amount of concrete or cement for a building job, there’s no need for expensive, heavyweight machinery. Instead, a cement mixing tray is an ideal solution. These functional trays are simple, practical and affordable, proving that the most effective tools don’t cost the earth.

Multipurpose Trays

Cement mixing trays come with an upturned rim to prevent spillages and ground stains. They have multiple purposes, from mixing paint or powdered fillers to acting as a drip tray. Find shallow octagonal cement mixing trays, mixing bowls and polyethylene mixing baths at unbeatable low prices from Toolstation.
                                Flexible Mixing Bowl 0.5L - 47290 - from Toolstation ( 61 )
                                Cement Mixing Tray Octagonal - 43112 - from Toolstation ( 290 )

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