How are the trade feeling?

How are the trade feeling? How are the trade feeling?

We recently conducted a survey of over 5,000 Toolstation customers to understand the impact of the current Coronavirus situation on their wellbeing and work activity. Unsurprisingly, the results revealed a number of shared concerns about mental health, work prospects and finances – challenges that can commonly cause stress, depression or anxiety in anyone.

The survey was issued at the beginning of May, and began by asking customers what their main challenges, concerns or worries at this time were. 45% of all respondents answered that the mental wellbeing of friends and family members was their biggest concern; whilst 25% said their own mental wellbeing was a main challenge.

60% of tradespeople that answered the survey said that the impact of the lockdown and social distancing on their work/business was their primary concern, whilst 40% of the trade were worried about household finances. 30% highlighted the ability to pay their mortgage, rent or bills as a worry.

When we asked the trade what their biggest concerns regarding their business were at this time, over 50% said work being postponed or cancelled. 49% had major concerns about cashflow, and 31% were concerned about going out of business altogether.

With such challenges being faced by so many people in the trade, it’s more important than ever to support each other, your friends and family, whilst not forgetting to look after yourself. By putting your Head First, being comfortable about talking openly about mental health and wellbeing, and checking in with how others are feeling as we face such uncertainties, we can all help each other.