Garden Hand Tools

Ensure either home or commercial gardens are kept in perfect condition all year round, with our huge range of garden hand tools. At Toolstation, we supply everything needed to landscape lawns and flowerbeds, including lawn edging tools, spades, shovels, and secateurs. For reliable durability, we stock garden hand tools from the highest- quality brands, including Roughneck, Silverline and Draper Green. Maintain the edges of garden lawns with our variety of lawn edging tools. The Silverline edging knife is ideal for keeping lawn edges neat and precise. This edge tool features a half moon shape with turnover heads for strong grip, balanced foot pressure and deep cutting. Discover our range of shovels and spades for easy digging. The Draper ash handled digging spade is a durable tool, made with epoxy coated carbon steel and complete with a fully hardened and tempered blade. For digging narrow trenches or post holes, opt for the Roughneck fibreglass handle drain spade. For small tree, plant or hedge maintenance, browse our range of secateurs, garden shears, loppers and tree pruners. At Toolstation we supply a selection of secateurs, including the Draper Green cutting tool gardening set which contains loppers, shears and secateurs with carbon steel blades and comfort grips. Make log splitting less difficult with our huge range of hand axes, splitting axes and wood splitters at Toolstation. Cut down trees with ease with the Roughneck felling axe or Silverline fiberglass felling axe. Click and collect from your closest Toolstation branch or spend over £25 online to receive free delivery.
            Motor Type
                  Batteries Included
                    Bulldog Bulldog Bulldog Shovel Taper Mouth - 65633 - from Toolstation ( 148 )
                    Pour & Scoop Bucket 14.5L - 71397 - from Toolstation ( 47 )
                    Bulldog Bulldog Bulldog Bowsaw with 2 blades 24" - 82618 - from Toolstation ( 159 )
                    Stanley Stanley Stanley Folding Junior Saw Horse  - 80711 - from Toolstation ( 68 )
                    Green Tarpaulin 3 x 4m - 72719 - from Toolstation ( 115 )
                    72719 Green Tarpaulin 3 x 4m
                    ex. VAT £16.99

                    Heavy duty professional weight. Reinforced eyelets. Rec ...Read more

                    Draper Draper Draper Ash Handle Garden Tool Patio Weeder 300mm - 39788 - from Toolstation ( 82 )
                    Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur Sledge Hammer 10lb - 85225 - from Toolstation ( 10 )
                    Green Tarpaulin 4 x 5m - 36648 - from Toolstation ( 116 )
                    36648 Green Tarpaulin 4 x 5m
                    ex. VAT £25.49

                    Heavy duty professional weight. Reinforced eyelets. Rec ...Read more

                    Roughneck Roughneck Roughneck Railroad Pick with Fibreglass Handle 5lb - 71863 - from Toolstation ( 86 )
                    Draper Draper Draper Ash Handle Garden Tool Trowel 300mm - 38217 - from Toolstation ( 47 )
                    Hawksmoor Hawksmoor Hawksmoor Round Shovel 220mm - 60798 - from Toolstation ( 56 )

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