Pipe Freezing Kits

Pipe freezing kits are used to freeze water, letting you carry out pipe repairs without draining the entire system. Explore our collection here, with options suitable for professionals and DIY projects. Pipe freezing kits provide a safe way to extend or repair pipework in minutes.

What Are Pipe Freezing Kits Used For?

Pipe freezing kits can be ideal for domestic plumbing jobs and professional and commercial applications. Freeze kits can be used for central heating repairs and installations or to install and repair stopcocks and service valves. They’re also helpful for plumbing new washing machines and dishwashers, cistern washer replacements and installing shower units and replacement fixtures. At Toolstation, we stock a selection of pipe freezing kits from leading brands like Arctic Hayes. Look for features like low global warming potential gas, quick-freeze action and multiple freezes per scan. Our range includes affordable kits for DIY and professional and commercial pipe freezing kits, which come with useful accessories and reusable components.

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