Pipe Benders

When installing plumbing or electrical conduit piping, you might need to bend a pipe around an obstacle. This is where pipe benders come in. These specialist hand tools can shape steel, aluminium and copper piping to the angle you need.

How Do Pipe Benders Work?

Pipe bending machines come in various sizes, ranging from soft copper pipes to stainless steel. These tools work by manually shaping the line to the desired angle with the help of a guide. Pipe benders often have two long handles. At Toolstation, we stock a selection of high-quality pipe benders, including copper pipe benders and tube bending kits from brands like Rothenberger, Dickie Dyer, Draper and Irwin. Our collection includes pipe bending kits, microbenders and cordless options for convenient use. For bending soft copper pipes at an angle, you might want to choose a mini tube pipe bender. A heavy-duty pipe bender is ideal for professional use and can bend copper and stainless steel. You could use a pipe bending spring to protect copper pipes from snapping. Plus, find more accessories in our collection, like replacement multi-bender guides and internal bending springs.
                      Batteries Included
                          Draper Draper Draper Mini Tube Pipe Bender  - 50190 - from Toolstation ( 45 )
                          Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger Multibender Guide 15mm - 84315 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                          Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger Internal Bending Spring 15mm - 18258 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
                          Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger Multibender Pipe Bender 15 & 22mm - 57953 - from Toolstation
                          Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger Microbender 6-10mm - 15349 - from Toolstation
                          Rothenberger Rothenberger Rothenberger 4000E Cordless Bender 15-28mm Guides (4.0Ah Battery) - 33035 - from Toolstation

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