Pipe Detectors

Pipe detectors are handheld electronic devices used to detect pipes inside walls. Discovering hidden pipes can benefit various types of building work and home improvement. For example, helping you avoid drilling holes, driving screws or hammering nails into a concealed pipe or electrical conduit.

What Can Wall Scanners Detect?

Pipe finders are designed to identify where electrical cables or gas and water pipes are located inside a wall. This is especially helpful if piping isn’t visible or when doing building work on a property you’re unfamiliar with. Browse several pipe detector types at Toolstation, including multi-detectors and professional digital wall scanners. The best pipe scanners can find ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood and live electricity. Make sure the detector you’re using is designed to locate what you’re looking for. We stock a range of high-quality pipe detectors here, including stud sensors and digital wall scanners from trusted brands like Bosch and Stanley.
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