Measuring Wheels

These tools have a wheel attached to a handle with a counting mechanism to measure distances quickly and accurately. The counter works out the measurement based on the number of rotations as you push the wheel. Depending on the design, this can include moving forward to count up and backwards to count down, offering several advantages over a traditional measuring tape. Measure any distance or length with one hand for extra convenience.

What Are Measuring Wheels Used For?

Measuring wheels are also known as surveyors’ wheels. They are found across various industries, including landscaping, road construction, large paving projects, farming, transport and property valuation. These handy tools are perfect for measuring out plots of land or field markings for sports.

At Toolstation, we stock a selection of high-quality measuring wheels from trusted brands. Our range includes measuring wheels with digital displays and illuminated wheels for easy reading. Look for additional features such as ergonomic handle designs and built-in kick stands.
Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur / Minotaur Digital Measuring Wheel
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