Metal Rulers

When it comes to measuring short lengths, rulers are a tried-and-tested must-have. Rulers have been a staple in toolboxes and workshops for decades. These flat, straight measuring instruments are marked with imperial or metric measurements.

What Are the Different Types of Ruler?

Rulers come in various styles, materials and sizes; these include wood, plastic and metal rulers, each with its own advantages and benefits. Stainless steel rulers are often the most precise and durable. As well as measurement, a steel ruler can also provide a straight edge for drawing, scoring and scribing, helpful in engineering, woodworking and many other trades. Find a selection of high-quality, accurate rulers at Toolstation. Our range includes stainless steel rulers from 150mm to 300mm with graduations in metric and imperial.
                                Stainless Steel Ruler 300mm - 71839 - from Toolstation ( 82 )
                                Stainless Steel Ruler 600mm - 64784 - from Toolstation ( 82 )
                                Precision Precision Stainless Steel Ruler 150mm - 38506 - from Toolstation ( 27 )

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