Vernier Calipers

Named after the French mathematician who invented them, these classic measuring devices can be found across multiple industries. This includes metalworking and machine shops, factories, mechanical engineering professions and the automotive and aviation sectors.

What Is a Vernier Calliper Used For?

Vernier callipers can be used to measure length, width, depth and step. They offer a high level of precision and accuracy. Callipers usually feature sets of jaws, inside and outside, for measurements. Plus, a blade at the tip for depth and a scale. When you need to ensure accuracy with internal, external and depth measurements, use a digital or vernier calliper with a fine thumbwheel adjustment.

What Are the Different Types of Callipers?

While Vernier callipers are an analogue tool, you can also find modern digital callipers with LCD displays. At Toolstation, we stock various Vernier callipers by leading brands like Minotaur, including digital and manual callipers.

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