Carpenters' Pencils

An essential tool in all kinds of woodworking, carpenters’ pencils are much more specialised than they might appear. We have a range of marker pens and pencils available in our selection of woodworking hand tools. Fine point markers are ideal for writing on dusty, wet or oily surfaces, while classic builders’ markers are longer-lasting than wax crayons.

What Are Carpenters’ Pencils?

Carpenters’ pencils are designed with a square or hexagonal body to stop them from rolling off any surface. Their lead is stronger than regular pencils, ideal for marking tough surfaces like concrete and stone. They are used in multiple woodworking, carpentry and joinery jobs, including framing, flooring and roofing. Carpenters often used them for marking, measuring and as a spacer. Professional sets include construction-grade, dual-tipped marker pens and deep hole pencils suitable for all trades, with replacement leads. Toolstation stocks a selection of high-quality carpenters’ pencils from leading brands like Tracer and Minotaur.

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