Warmup Clypso Underfloor Heating Pack 80.0m2

by Warmup Product Code: 54835

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The Warmup Clypso System is designed for use within floating screeded floors. Typically, it does not affect the depth of a floor’s construction.

The Clypso system is one of Warmup’s most popular hydronic underfloor heating systems that comprises of heating pipes, connection clips and unique laminated insulation panels. It is recommended for off-plan projects featuring floating screeded floors. It can be installed with almost any floor finish and in particular where the flooring may be replaced from time to time.

The Clypso system uses plastic clips to secure the underfloor heating pipe to laminated insulation panels. The panels are available in a variety of depths, from 25mm to 100mm and are constructed from either PIR (polyisocyanurate) or expanded polystyrene insulation with a fabric reinforced foil laminated to their surface.

The foil on each panel comes with two flaps, for taping to the adjoining panel, thereby increasing water resistance and separating the insulation layer from the wet screed. The laminated foil is also printed with a 50mm grid pattern to make consistent pipe-spacing easier for the installer, especially when required to work around obstacles. This makes installation of the Clypso system fast and efficient.

Warmup’s Manifold is responsible for circulating heated water from the heat source through the connected floor heating pipework whilst managing water pressure, flow-rates and temperature regulation.

The Warmup Manifold is constructed from 304-graded stainless steel and is available in a range of sizes and configurations; providing control for up to 12 heat zones. It is suitable for use with all Warmup water systems in both new-build and renovation projects.

Available in 4 pack sizes to suit different floor area requirements 20.0m2 34992, 16.0m2 65787, 24.0m2 10689 and 32.0m2 54835.
Clypso staple gun also available 51607.

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• Ideal for new-build projects, designed for floating screeded floors in off-plan projects.
• Laminate is woven and lined in 50mm grids, laminated insulation is woven to deliver extra security for retention of the pipe and features an innovative grid work pattern to help speed-up the installation process.
• Compressive strength 160 Kpa, the compressive strength is 160 Kpa, which safely allows the floor build-up to take imposed loads without damaging the integrity of the floor.

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