Tap Spanners

A tap spanner is a hand tool for adjusting the fixings on taps, sinks, basins and toilets. Sometimes called basin wrenches, sink spanners or plumbing spanners, professionals and DIY plumbers can use these helpful tools. Tap spanners have a tube shape designed for reaching fixings, nuts and bolts at awkward angles.

What Are Tap Spanners Used For?

One of the go-to tools in a plumber’s toolbox, tap spanners have a long handle that’s ideal for adjusting nuts and bolts in tight, recessed spaces. Tap spanners are highly recommended for any home plumbing job. At Toolstation, find an extensive selection of tap spanners, basin wrenches, sink spanners and adjustable basin wrenches. Explore our tap backnut and tap connector sets, box spanner sets, basin and sink waste back nut spanner and mono tap back nut box spanners.
                                Laser Laser Box Spanner Set  - 59905 - from Toolstation ( 192 )
                                Tap Backnut Spanner 1/2" - 3/4" - 43996 - from Toolstation ( 58 )
                                ex. VAT £5.66

                                Fits most brass and nylon back nuts.

                                Basin Wrench  - 26461 - from Toolstation ( 58 )
                                Basin and Sink Waste Back Nut Spanner 1 1/4" - 93000 - from Toolstation ( 59 )

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