Basin Wrenches

Designed to get into the places where other wrenches cannot reach, these special tools are widely used by plumbers. Also known as a sink wrench, this helpful tool turns fixings, nuts and bolts in recessed spaces under sinks and baths.

What Is a Basin Wrench Used For?

A basin wrench is one of the most valuable tools in a plumber’s toolbox. Thanks to their long handle and self-adjusting, rotating head, they are ideal for adjusting, tightening and removing nuts or bolts in tight spaces underneath sinks and baths. These wrenches, also known as basin spanners and sink spanners, are also recommended for home plumbing jobs. At Toolstation, you’ll find an extensive selection of basin wrenches, sink wrenches and adjustable basin wrenches from trusted brands. Products include tap back nuts, tap connector sets, split ring spanners, extension bars, and adjustable basin wrenches with hexagonal ends.

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