Mitre Boxes

Mitre boxes act as a guide to help with cutting mitre joints, angled cuts which are usually made at 45 degrees to create a corner. Mitre joints are often used in decorative timber, architraves and skirting.

What Is a Mitre Box?

A mitre box is a woodworking tool for accurate cutting, usually made from plastic, steel or wood. They come with slots, which can be used as angled cutting guides in 45, 22.5 and 90 variants. These can be attached to workbenches for easy use. First, place the material for cutting into the box and secure it into place, using clamps if needed. Then, take a saw and cut along the built-in guides, achieving the correct angled cut. At Toolstation, you’ll find a selection of high-quality mitre boxes from leading brands, including Draper Expert, Minotaur and Stanley. You can also browse our mitre box with handsaws included and our selection of clamping mitre boxes.

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