Mallet Hammers

Discover a wide range of mallets for your toolbox at Toolstation from top brands including OX and Silverline. This essential hammer, often made of rubber or wood, is ideal for a variety of industries and applications. With wooden and rubber mallets available in a range of sizes you can find a mallet hammer suitable for every use at Toolstation.
To knock wooden pieces together effectively or drive dowels or chisels during carpentry work, choose a wooden mallet. We stock Silverline wooden mallets which feature a solid wooden head and 115mm face.
If you are looking for a mallet hammer with a softer impact to a wooden one, consider choosing a rubber mallet. Looking for a white rubber mallet that won’t leave a trace? View the white rubber mallet from Silverline. This semi-hard 24oz rubber mallet features an entirely white face that will not mark surfaces.
Alternatively, consider The OX combination rubber mallet. This versatile combination rubber mallet has a standard black face for general work and also has a semi hard white face which can be used when required. Available in 16oz or 24oz.
Make DIY projects easier in the garden with our selection of rubber mallets. From lighter 16oz to large 32oz rubber mallets, we have an excellent choice for garden landscaping.
Shop professional wooden, garden and rubber mallet hammers online at Toolstation with free delivery when you spend over £35 or click and collect from your nearest Toolstation branch.
                              Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur Rubber Mallet 16oz - 71227 - from Toolstation ( 59 )
                              Minotaur Minotaur Minotaur Rubber Mallet 24oz - 55000 - from Toolstation ( 57 )
                              OX OX OX Combination Rubber Mallet 16oz - 66531 - from Toolstation ( 55 )
                              OX OX OX Combination Rubber Mallet 24oz - 25028 - from Toolstation ( 44 )
                              Silverline Silverline Wooden Mallet  - 83084 - from Toolstation
                              ( 20 )
                              83084 Wooden Mallet
                              £6.47 was £7.79
                              ex. VAT £5.39

                              Solid wooden head. 115mm face.

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