Work Socks & Overshoes

Work socks and overshoes offer safety, comfort and protection. Good work socks should be comfortable all day long while working, compatible with your choice of work footwear and built to last.

How to Choose Work Socks

Your choice of socks will depend on the type of work you do and whether you work indoors or outdoors. Length, thickness, durability and material are key considerations when choosing work socks. Cotton is a good all-rounder, whilst bamboo is best for warm weather and wool for cold climates.

What are Overshoes and Shoe Covers Used For?

From keeping your shoes clean to maintaining a controlled, sterile environment, shoe covers have several uses. They can be designed with anti-slip properties, helping reduce health and safety risks. Overshoes and shoe covers are available as temporary disposable shoes and reusable, washable neoprene overshoes.

At Toolstation, you’ll find an extensive range of socks and overshoes from brands such as Yuleys, Sock Shop and V12 Footwear. Both socks and overshoes come in various fabrics and sizes, including hands-free shoe covers for ease of use.