Smart Thermostats

Using a smart thermostat will transform the way you heat your home. You’ll no longer need to be near your boiler to pre-programme your schedules. Instead, with smart heating controls you can use a simple mobile app to warm your house from anywhere. Heading home from work on a cold night? Use your phone to turn the heating on before you get back, to take the chill away. Maybe you’ve left the heating on by mistake? Switch it off with a simple swipe of your screen. A smart home thermostat will help you cut down on unnecessary spending when it comes to your energy bills, by making it easier than ever to switch off your heating when you don’t need it.

Nest Thermostats

Using a Nest smart thermostat from Google is a great way to cut down on energy waste. This smart room thermostat is clever enough to learn your schedule and automatically adjust heating or cooling when your house is occupied – or about to be occupied. Manual controls are also available if needed, all via the Nest app on your smartphone.

Hive Thermostats

When used with a compatible combi boiler, a Hive smart thermostat will give you full remote control of your heating via a Hive app on your mobile phone. You can operate it with simple voice commands, and enjoy a range of features that help you manage it around work or holidays.
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