Mitre Saws

Make clean, fast and accurate cuts at a variety of angles with a mitre saw. Capable of cutting a wide range of materials such as laminate, wood and metal, mitre saws are versatile, multi-purpose tools. Their pivoting, circular saw blades allow you to make cuts at different angles and bevelled cuts. Some models include built-in laser guidance beams for precision cutting and vice clamps to secure the material.

Standard Mitre Saws

A standard mitre saw features a circular spinning blade on an arm, which can pivot to make angled cuts at 90° and 45°.

Sliding Mitre Saws

Sliding mitre saws have an arm designed for back and forth movement while cutting, enabling you to work with thicker, longer pieces of wood or timber.

Compound Saws

While standard mitre saws tilt to cut at different angles, compound saws can also pivot left and right. Perform complex cutting and create bevelled angles with a compound saw.

Toolstation stocks a range of professional quality mitre saws from top brands such as DeWalt, Draper and Makita.