Water Treatment Supplies

At Toolstation, we offer a range of different water treatment supplies to suit any budget, so you can choose the right products for your job. If you’re considering installing an electric water filter, browse our selection of inline water softener equipment below. Easy to install to the mains water supply, an inline water softener can fit discreetly under any sink. Why use a water softener? Water softener treatments are an effective way to reduce the hardness of the water supply in your home. Using a domestic water filter can help reduce calcium and magnesium ions that make the water hard, which can cause a buildup of scale in your pipes over time. It’s safe to drink water that has been softened, so why not make a long-term investment in your home’s water system by installing a water softener filter?
                        Calmag Calmag Calmag Water Softener Metered Unit 25L - 89400 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                        Calmag Calmag 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Unit Membrane - 15146 - from Toolstation
                        ( 2 )
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                        • Removes 99% of all water contaminants • Used as the ...Read more

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