If you’re looking to stock up on wallpapering supplies for your next decorating job, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a professional tradesman or a DIY enthusiast, Toolstation has a huge range of wallpapering tools at everyday low prices. With brands such as Wallrock, ProDec and Erfurt Mav Wallrock Fibre, you’ll find everything you need. Wallpaper Tools You might think that wallpapering simply requires paper, paste and a table, but you would be wrong. Professional wallpaper tools can elevate a job from good to great. From trimming tools to seam rollers, scrapers to smoothers, the right tool can make all the difference when it comes to achieving professional results. Wallpaper Kits Wallpaper kits offer a general set of tools, such as brushes, stripping knives, seam and rollers, in one convenient pack to make your life easier. Alternatively, you can also assemble your own hand-picked kit by choosing from Toolstation’s quality range of wallpapering products. You’ll find all the essential wallpaper tools you need for decorating at Toolstation.
                            Olfa Snap Off Wallpaper Cutting Knife Spare Blades 12.5mm - 26070 - from Toolstation ( 18 )
                            Wallrock Wallrock Wallrock Dampstop Thermic 7.5m x 67.5cm - 39241 - from Toolstation ( 13 )
                            Erfurt Mav Wallrock Fibre Erfurt Mav Wallrock Fibre Wallrock Fibreliner 20m x 100cm - 11844 - from Toolstation ( 28 )
                            Erfurt Mav Wallrock Thermal Erfurt Mav Wallrock Thermal Wallrock Thermal Liner Adhesive 5kg - 33849 - from Toolstation ( 50 )
                            Wallrock Wallrock Wallrock Dampstop Thermic Adhesive 1kg - 46914 - from Toolstation ( 7 )
                            Trimming Edge 24" - 35714 - from Toolstation ( 62 )
                            Axus Decor Axus Decor Axus Professional Stainless Steel Wallpaper Scissors 200mm - 39748 - from Toolstation ( 17 )
                            ProDec ProDec Prodec Professional Paste Table 60 x 200cm - 12781 - from Toolstation ( 37 )
                            Solvite Solvite Solvite All Purpose Wallpaper Adhesive 20 Roll - 74435 - from Toolstation
                            Axus Decor Axus Decor Axus Professional Stainless Steel Wallpaper Scissors 300mm - 65697 - from Toolstation ( 10 )
                            Olfa Snap Off Wallpaper Cutting Knife 12.5mm - 48883 - from Toolstation ( 26 )
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