Why we’re saying put your Head First

Why Head First Why Head First

Long days, jobs put on hold or cancelled, having to adjust work patterns, not being able to team up properly on a project, aching limbs and money worries. Any of this sound familiar?

Working in the trade can be physically and mentally demanding at the best of times, but it’s even harder at the moment – and obviously worse if you’ve no work to do. Whilst we’re all fine talking about physical aches and pains, it’s not so easy to tell someone you’re feeling sad, depressed, anxious, over-stressed or just out of sorts.

So, we’ve teamed up with Time to Change to create Head First and help raise awareness of the importance of looking after your mental health and checking in with others, why it matters, how it can affect you and where you can get support for yourself, a mate or a family member that’s having a hard time.

Head first awareness

Time to Change is a social movement, led by the charities MIND and Rethink Mental Illness, which is working to change the way we all think and act about mental health problems. Despite the progress that’s been made, there are many people that still don’t consider mental health relevant to them. Some don’t believe mental health problems are likely to affect them or people they know.

To start, we’re sharing some useful information from Time to Change that will help you notice when things might be getting too much for you or someone else – and what to do about it. Have a read, share it with people and let’s start talking about the importance of mental health and putting your Head First. It matters now more than ever.