Oct 4, 2019

What’s Watt with LED Lamps? Your guide to Lumens and Lighting Temperature.

With a change in technology comes a change in terminology. When fitting or retrofitting lighting, you’ll need to consider lumens – especially since the darker evenings are drawing in! We’ve created the comparison chart below to take the guesswork out of changing over to LED. With a large LED range from brands such as Philips, Aurora, Luceco and Integral LED we’ve provided a guide on what to look for when it comes to selecting the right product.

Lumens and Lighting Temperature Chart

However, lumens aren’t the only important consideration when choosing the right lamp for your room or your customer’s lighting requirements, as LED lamps have a variety of light ‘temperatures’ for you to choose from. These are measured in Kelvins (K) and range from Ultra Warm to Cool Daylight.

Choosing the right colour is largely down to personal preference and use. Some people may prefer the look and feel of a traditional conventional lamp, which would make warm white the best choice for the space. For a more modern, cleaner look you can select a cooler lam to brighten the space.

Generally warm white is preferred for living areas, bedrooms, and dining rooms for a more ambient light. For this you would need a lamp below 3000K with the correct cap type for your fitting. For more information on cap types, check out the information in the above diagram.

Cool lighting above 4000K is often the preferred choice for bathrooms and kitchens in homes, in addition to being the standard for offices and retail spaces. It offers better visibility for more intricate tasks and the ‘blue’ hue helps with personal alertness.

In commercial spaces and studios, you may want to have your artificial lighting replicating bright daylight in which case a lamp above 6000K may be your preferred lighting temperature.

Today’s range of lighting choices gives customers the option to mix and match lamps to make the most of their lighting, add dimmable lighting for manual adjustment, or introduce colour changing lamps for a personalised lighting experience. They may even want to go a step further and introduce smart lighting in their space to create scenes, set timers and adjust lighting remotely!

Due to variations in the manufacturing process and different measurement standards in colour temperature, it is recommended that you consider buying the same model of LED lamp for all of the fittings in the area or room.

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