Bolsters & Wrecking Bars

Cut, shape and remove bricks and other materials with ease by using a bolster, chisel and wrecking bar at Toolstation. We stock brands such as Roughneck with full bolster and wrecking bar sets available for everything you may need on the job.

Bolsters & Chisels

We supply durable bolsters and chisels including the Roughneck professional brick bolster that's made of hardened and tempered steel, or the Roughneck chisel and bolster set supplied with tip protectors. Other chisels include the plugging chisel for removing mortar in between brick courses and electricians' chisels such as the Roughneck electrician's chisel of tempered steel.

Pry Bar

View a selection of pry bar sets such as the 5-piece pry bar set or Roughneck claw end pry bar for extracting deeply embedded nails. We also stock utility bars such as the Roughneck utility bar and wrecking bars in a range of sizes up to 36" for leverage, strike bars and many more.

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