Smoke & Fire Alarms

Safeguard your home from potential hazards with a high-quality smoke alarm from trusted brands like FireAngel and Aico. At Toolstation, you’ll find battery-powered fire alarms and mains smoke alarms featuring the latest technologies, including heat sensors and optical smoke sensors to detect fire hazards quickly.

What are the Benefits of a Mains Smoke Alarm?

A mains smoke alarm is hard-wired into the electricity supply, making it easier to link multiple alarms within the building and detect fires faster. They should be installed by an electrician for maximum safety and efficiency. If there’s a power cut, a mains alarm can still detect heat, fire and smoke thanks to the backup battery. Mains smoke alarms have increased longevity compared to battery-powered smoke alarms, making them a cost-effective way to protect your home.

What are the Benefits of a Wireless Fire Alarm?

Battery-powered or wireless fire alarms have an average lifetime of 1-10 years, depending on the model. They are easy to install but require regular testing to ensure the batteries are working.
                            FireAngel FireAngel FireAngel 1 Year Battery Smoke Alarm SB1-T - 25096 - from Toolstation
                            ( 50 )
                            FireAngel FireAngel FireAngel Mains Base BW-PF-T - 10991 - from Toolstation
                            ( 35 )
                            £2.99 was £4.27
                            ex. VAT £2.49

                            Bases for first-fix use with 98385 and 11638 alarms. St ...Read more

                            Fireangel Fireangel FireAngel 1 Year Battery Smoke Alarm SB1-R Twin Pack - 67783 - from Toolstation
                            ( 29 )
                            Aico Aico Aico 10 Year Lithium Battery Heat Alarm Ei603 Stand Alone Alarm - 14156 - from Toolstation ( 6 )
                            FireAngel FireAngel FireAngel Mains Base RFBW-T - 80162 - from Toolstation ( 2 )
                            ESP ESP ESP MAG2P Fire Alarm Panel 2 Zone - 10880 - from Toolstation
                            ESP ESP ESP 24V Fire Alarm Door Holder  - 83465 - from Toolstation
                            ESP ESP ESP Detector Base Sounder  - 63349 - from Toolstation

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