Pan Connectors

Browse pan connectors from Toolstation's range of toilet fittings to efficiently connect the toilet pan and waste pipe. Find a variety of different pan connectors including flexible, offset and straight pan connectors from brands McAlpine and Jollyflex. Toilet pan connectors available include the 90-degree pan connector, Macfit toilet pan connector, Macfit flexible pan connector and McAlpine pan connectors with a long bend. An offset pan connector is ideal for connections that have minor misalignment for example the swan neck pan connector offers misalignment up to 5 degrees in any direction. For a regular connection, consider the straight pan connector with fins or McAlpine straight pan connector. Get extra length between connections with a McApline pan connector extension or 200mm pan connector extension. Receive free delivery when you spend over £25 online or click and collect from your nearest Toolstation branch.
                                McAlpine McAlpine McAlpine Macfit MAC-EXTA Straight Extension 200mm - 46335 - from Toolstation ( 1 )
                                McAlpine McAlpine McAlpine Macfit MAC-7A Flexible WC Connector 14° Angle 110mm - 91848 - from Toolstation ( 11 )
                                McAlpine McAlpine McAlpine WC CON8V Connector Inc Pipe Boss  - 44937 - from Toolstation ( 6 )
                                ex. VAT £13.40

                                McAlpine McAlpine McAlpine Macfit WC Straight Connector 90mm MAC 3 - 68770 - from Toolstation ( 3 )
                                ex. VAT £4.98

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