Want to revamp your home? Breathe new life into tired surfaces? Look no further! With the power of Dulux Trade, you can transform your living spaces with just a simple coat of paint. But don't let the vast selection intimidate you. Our handy Dulux Trade colour chart is here to guide you through the process, and help you select the perfect paint to bring your vision to life.


Please Note: Paint colour may vary slightly on screen, depending on the resolution and settings of your mobile, laptop or tablet. Unsure if it’s the right colour for you? Colour samplers are available to buy first.

Choose Your Colour

Dulux Trade Cool Neutral Paint

Cool neutral paint is great for creating a blank canvas and brightening a modern room. Use cool neutral colours from Dulux Trade in small to medium-sized rooms to make them feel larger and to create a sense of tranquillity and peace.

Dulux Trade White Paint

White paint is great as a bright base for small and large rooms alike. Dulux Trade's white paint can even increase the value of your home compared to bolder shades, as they're less likely to be painted over.

Dulux Trade Warm Neutral Paint

Warm neutrals are ideal for making a room feel homely and inviting. Use Dulux Trade's warm neutrals anywhere as a versatile base for cosy living spaces and offices.

Dulux Trade Green Paint

Green paint is ideal for creating a sense of bringing the outside in. Bedrooms and living rooms are perfect places for green, with a wide range of Dulux Trade options to pick from – a lighter shade will create a serene energy, or go darker for a cosier feeling.

Dulux Trade Blue Paint

Blue paint is great for calming and soothing us, and contributes to a good mood. Use blue Dulux Trade paint in bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens to create a peaceful, spa-like atmosphere.

Dulux Trade Yellow Paint

Yellow Dulux Trade paint is perfect for making a room energetic and cheerful. Make a statement with a rich yellow shade in the living room, or use paler, relaxing shades in a bedroom.

Dulux Trade Teal Paint

Teal paint is great for inducing a meditative state and bringing a calm energy to a room. Opt for a teal shade from Dulux Trade in children's bedrooms, or make a statement with a rich feature wall in the living room or kitchen. 

Dulux Trade Red Paint

Red paint from Dulux Trade is incredibly versatile. Opt for a lighter shade for a subtle look and calming effect in the bedroom, or go bold with a darker, richer shade in the living room to build energy.

Dulux Trade Orange Paint

Orange paint is great for invoking happiness and warmth within a room. Try orange Dulux Trade paint in a living room for a retro style, or bring your summer holiday back home with you by using orange accents in the kitchen.

Dulux Trade Gold Paint

Gold paint from Dulux Trade is perfect for making rooms and features stand out, and creating a sense of warmth and richness. Use gold on accents for a more subtle look, or go bold with a feature wall alongside other warm tones. 

Dulux Trade Violet Paint

Violet paint is great for making a statement. Use rich violet shades from Dulux Trade on accents and feature walls alongside gold highlights in living rooms, and lighter shades for bright, airy bedrooms.

Dulux Trade Lime Paint

Lime paint is great for tranquility and creating a sense of peace within a room. The green tones from Dulux Trade bring the outside in and can make a bold statement when used on accents or feature walls.

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