Hot Water Cylinders

Find hot water cylinders compatible with a range of central heating systems, including unvented, vented, direct and indirect hot water cylinders. At Toolstation, we stock hot water tanks from trusted brands like RM Cylinders and Tesla.

Types of Hot Water Cylinder

Several different hot water cylinders are available in various sizes and materials, including stainless steel and copper. Find the right option for your home based on your hot water usage and central heating system.

An unvented hot water cylinder is connected to the mains water system, so a cold water storage tank is not required, whilst a vented hot water cylinder is used for systems that rely on cold water storage.

Direct hot water cylinders heat water using an internal element, like an immersion heater, whilst indirect hot water cylinders use an external source like a boiler. Indirect cylinders are available in vented and unvented models.

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