If you take great pride in your garden, you’ll love Einhell. This brand knows exactly what it takes to create a pristine lawn and immaculate outdoor areas, developing state-of-the-art tools that deliver maximum results for the minimum of effort. Einhell tools aren’t just for the garden either. You can equip your garage or workshop with everything you need to carry out those everyday DIY tasks or bigger home projects. When you choose Einhell, you’re in good hands.

Einhell Garden Tools

Cutting your grass will no longer be a chore if you choose an Einhell lawn mower. You won’t even need to worry about navigating around power cables if you opt for a cordless model. It’s never been easier to get an immaculate garden. Overgrown or hard-to-reach areas? No problem – an Einhell strimmer will tackle longer grass and weeds with ease. Whether you’re working on your lawns, hedges, trees or flower beds, Einhell tools provide all the help any amateur gardener needs.

Einhell Drills

With Einhell power tools in your garage or workshop, you’ll be ready to tackle any DIY challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re just putting up a new shelf, or you’re planning a full renovation – these tools are powerful, reliable and easy to use. You’ll find an Einhell drill to work with any common wall-building materials such as brick, stone or tiles. When it comes to cutting, a wide range of Einhell saws will help you work with speed, precision and safety. Or maybe you’re after a bit of versatility? If so, you can’t go wrong with an Einhell multi tool – you’ll be prepared for any DIY task, whether it’s a quick repair or a larger redevelopment project. Remember to choose a cordless model with powerful Einhell battery so you can work in any area, even if there’s no mains connection.
                    Einhell Einhell Einhell 600W 115mm Angle Grinder 230V - 96513 - from Toolstation
                    ( 69 )
                    Einhell Einhell Einhell Classic 20L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags - 41617 - from Toolstation ( 18 )
                    Einhell Einhell Einhell Classic 20L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 230V - 93891 - from Toolstation ( 55 )
                    Einhell Einhell Einhell 200W Multi Cutter 230V - 28075 - from Toolstation
                    ( 16 )
                    Einhell Einhell Einhell 750W Jigsaw 240V - 29054 - from Toolstation
                    ( 13 )
                    Einhell Einhell Einhell 252W 1/2 Sheet Sander 230V - 24074 - from Toolstation
                    ( 3 )

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